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  • G-Pack????

    Hey guys,

    Anyone know what the deal is with a G-Pack?? I looked on their web-sight and it said that it would optimize the performance of your engine to
    a maximum, particularly during the phases of acceleration from low to mid range. Think their is any truth to this?? If their is I am definitely going to get one.

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    what's the link? I would like to check this out!
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    Please look at this build!


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      I believe it's something similar to the Power Commander but for carb'd bikes. Haggisman was looking into them at one point but decided against it.... can't remember why.

      Why Haggi? Tell us!


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        I have one. Don't notice anything.
        Bike is sold


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          Based on the write up I found, here is what I surmize:

          (A) This is a timing-signal modifier, basically an electronic version of an ignition advancer. More specifically, it's a timing-retard eliminator (TRE).

          (B) The primary benefits would be to those whose bike's ignition maps intentionally throttle them back at lower RPM ranges in low gears to maintain control & reducing wheelie-tendency (i.e. - specific sport bikes).

          (C) I doubt you will get any benefit out of this item on a katana, especially if you've already installed an ignition advancer.

          (D) The documentation also implies a gear sense, which may require a system which supports that gear sense (the late-model Kat's gear sense is handled by computation between the speed and RPM; I don't know if pre-98's have any gear sense at all since they would seem to run a single ignition map).

          (E) Ivan makes a TRE as well that competes with this product -- notice he hasn't been hawking it for the Katanas?

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            My reply apparently didn't go through last time so here it is again. The G-pack only works on bikes that have a lower gear timing retard from the factory. The US model Kats, and Bandits I know for a fact don't. Therefore all the G-pack does for these bikes is make a continuous path when you plug it in. Useless. Even on the euro Bandits the G-pack did the same thing as snipping a wire in the loom that you could do at home for free. So, it depends on the bike and what version you have, US or other.

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              i have one on the 2004 kat and 1st 2nd and 3rd gear is when it works . the moment you instal the motor acts up till it remaps then it changes the sound of your bike but it work put it on a dino before and after