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T handle allen wrenches?

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  • T handle allen wrenches?

    just a general question about allen wrenches. whats everyones fasination with t handle allen wrenches. Why does eveyone like them so much?

    I have a set of t handles and rarely ever use them, i just find it easier to loosen/tighten with regualr bent allens. I'm not saying that they're the best for every situation, but for me i find them better than tees.

    Now for speed i have a set of ball end allens in both metric and standard that i cut the short end off. I just chuck them in my cordless drill with whatever end i need (ball or flat) and loosen/tighten whatever i need. These work enbelievable for removing and re-installing the fairings on my kat.

    Any thoughts on the t-handle vs regular allens?
    Tee handle
    Regular bent allens
    Cut off allens chucked in corless drill
    All, depending on situation

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    in my work...I prefer the T handles...MUCH quicker.

    the ones with the hex end ALSO on the top Tee is great where additional torque is required.

    The swiss-army knife set is ok for odd sized ones that you hardly ever use. The reg allen ones ar a PITA, too easy to lose.

    as for the ball ends...I have broken the ball end off a couple of times...not good.


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      I like to throw them in my cordless drill as well. Fast and easy!
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        I bought the Tee Handle to remove and replace my Mirrors. After using the regular bent allens I decided to bite the bullet and spend $3.99 on the 4bucks I have spent...not one complaint about them...
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          I actually perfer long reach (and short reach when space is an issue) hex bit sockets. I'm so comfortable with working with a ratchet (auto mechanic), that I just perfer the feel of the ratchet action. But since that wasn't an option on your poll, I went with the T-handel, much quicker and easier to organize for quick locating and identification.


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            oops, sorry. forgot about the sockets. I have used those from time to time and usually only use them for really tourqing something down. But i went and bought 3/8" drive speed handle on the weekend so maybe the sockets will get a bit more use


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              Yup , usually throw the little allen deal in the socket and have at it .
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                I have the small swiss-army knife type allen-key assortment under the seat in the emergency toolkit, but use either the T-handles or the drill with the appropriate bits when I'm at home & have full tool access. The T-handles make for fast work putting them in; the drill makes for fast work taking them out (I tend to not use the drill to put them back in to make sure I don't over-torque them)...

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                  Im so glad for the allens I had in my drill when I was taking the the engine covers off my old yamaha...those things were on there so freekin tight, and rusted, just by hand wasnt going to cut it.


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                    I have a set of screwdriver handle ball ends.
                    I have cross drilled the handles to accept a 6mm
                    to use like a t handle.
                    I have a "swiss set" (actually 4) underseat use only more trouble then they are worth for real work..
                    I have some T handles, they can be faster in some cases.
                    I have some cut to fit into sockets. They can be nice. (headers, forks) but good old fashioned "L" wrenches are the best. I have about 6 sets, I keep only the sizes I need in my small tool box. I have to say in 22 years I have only broken one ball end..
                    I had a two foot breaker bar on it.
                    But I only use Baundus (sp?).
                    I wouldn't recommend any other brand.


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                      faster, more cofortable, like the drill bit idea too.


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                        I like the T-handle allens that I have. I guess they're easier to handle with big hands.

                        ...I tend to drop the bent handle ones-usually into inaccessable places, and generally fumble around with them.

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                          I use my T-handles for taking most things apart, but use a real set of allen sockets for the tank bolts and some others, then I have a set of standard L-shaped sockets for slose quarters work.
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                            i'm all about the sockets. i love my craftsman rachets, so if i could pick up a nice set, i'd be happy. i have a couple, 5, 6mm, but thats not quite enough for fairings, etc. so i just use the L shaped ones.
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