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  • Black Smoke

    1990 Suzuki Katana 600. 23K.

    Ok, I went to see my bike today to run it for a bit since it's been stored for a while. I put the battery in it, turned it on and it started within 4 seconds and idled well.

    So I warmed it up for about 10 minutes with half choke.

    I was revving the bike up to about 6000rpm and the smoke out of the pipe was normal. However, I revved high a couple of times (about 9000 rpm maybe a bit more) and noticed three things:

    1) It sounded awesome!

    2) When it hit the high RPM power band it revved really quickly compared to the rev time between 2000rpm and 7000rpm

    3) Black smoke came out of the pipes when it hit the high RPM's (around 8, or 9000rpm)... what does this mean? Is it normal? Is it cause it hasn't been turned on in a while? Should I be worried about this?

    I haven't given it an oil change or tune up yet. Will do that in 4 weeks.

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    black smoke is a rich condition...should be ok when it is under load (actually driven)

    You might need your carbs synched because one cylinder might be getting to much fuel.

    wait untill you are driving is warm etc., then have someone ride behind it up and down the RPM band.

    I wouldn't be too concerned though


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      Fresh fuel, fresh plugs, some techron fuel system cleaner, and I hope you put some oil in the cylinders before you started her up the first time... Get her going and then watch for oil consumption -- if she starts eating more than a cup per 1000 miles, it'll be serious; if she doesn't eat any oil, it's just a rich mixture and everything is cool (aside from having to retune it for the rich mix).

      Good Luck!
      =-= The CyberPoet
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        Stop revving the crap out of your engine with no load on it!!
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