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  • Oil

    I don't have the shop manual for my 1990 Suzuki Kat 600. I would like to know what type of oil my bike takes? ?W-?? And how many Litres does it take to do an oil change?

    Thanks guys!

    And also, the air filter was changed in April of '04, do you think I need a new air filter this season?

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    Your air filter should be ok unless you have been riding in dust storms. As for oil, go to the local dealer and either buy 5 quarts (i have no idea how many liters, sorry) of the Suzuki brand oil 10W-30 or Yamalube. I have used all kinds of motorcycle oils in my different bikes and those two have been the best by far. Don't forget to pick up a new filter while you are at it. The stock filter is really good but I prefer K&N oil filters just because they have a nut on the end of them that I can get a regular wrench on to take them off. Plus they work really well, and I can get them in CHROME.


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      4 quarts (1 quart [US, liquid] = 0.946353 liter) of 10w/40 . Might need a smidge more than 4 quarts to get to the "F" mark , but the manuals say it should take a shade LESS tha 4 quarts for an oil/filter change . So yeah , that extra quart (liter?) would be good to have to top it off when needed .
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        Thanks Mr.Clean and md86!

        Now I know.. and knowing is half the battle!