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  • wiring help

    can someone tell me how to wire a pre 98 ignition switch to a 98+ wiring harness since i dont have the 98+ ignition switch

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    you will need the schematics for both bikes..
    Or buy a post 98 switch off E-bay..
    I'm betting only the connector is different
    if it is different..


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      is it any other way besides buy a 98 switch cause i just bought a 93 ignition switch


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        ahhhh, sure.
        You need to know what wire goes to what..
        For that you need both schematics.


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          yeah i have both but the 98 have 6 wires and the 93 have 4 wires


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            dude you gotta help out here..
            Four wires on the 93.
            Two go to the power the other lights.
            What are the two extras from the 98?
            Im gonna guess and say parking light..
            but what does the schematic say?
            Help me, help you


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              sorry man im new to this sorry ok on the 98 wire harness its 6 wires
              1. red- alt
              2. orange- alt
              3. orange/red- ignitor
              4. black/white- starter relay and batt

              ok the 93 switch has 4 wires
              1. red- alt
              2. orange- alt
              3. grey- tach and speedometer
              4. brown- park light and tail lights

              i hope this is what you was talking about


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                sorry on the 98 switch the other two wires
                5. green-
                these two are conected together
                6. brown-


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                  OK so the just like the 93 all the
                  pairs connect?
                  Gn/ Bn
                  Rd/ Og


                  OK I think you can get a way with just wiring Green and Brown together. I do not have the schematic to know where they go but odd men out they are the same as the Grey / brown pair in the 93.
                  In the 93 they are just to split the rear lights from the rest so the parking lights work.
                  In your case the Park position will just connect red and the battery, battery to battery.
                  check your schematic to make sure I'm right on this.
                  Wired like this the engine may start in "Park"

                  Use the Gray / Brown pair on the switch for the
                  Orange/red and Black /white on the harness.