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15K mile service

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  • 15K mile service

    How much are you guys paying for your 15,000 mile service? I need the valves checked and the usual tuning to get it ready for spring and I am getting conflicting prices from local dealers. What is a fair price.

    ps. its a 99 600 that will be going to the shop with just a tank to save on labor taking the plastics off.

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    i would get a service manual and do it yourself, it's really not that hard. i don't trust dealers with my bike. i don't remember who to credit for this, but this is what i had for doing mine.


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      I have the factory service manual, but I'm not that comfortable with valves and carbs. And the tools to work on them I have found to be expensive.


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        if you really want to look at doing it yourself - or not , read through my web-site. it's all there.



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          The going rate here is $308.75, including taxes, oil, filter, old-oil disposal fees, and labor. All the shops should base the cost on the same labor-spec sheet, which puts the labor for a well-versed mechanic around 2.75 hours; thus the cost variance is based on what the shop charges as their hourly shop-rate. If you strip the fairings off in advance of your visit, you should be able to negotiate about 20 - 30 minutes off the job, because that is a part of the time spec.

          It really isn't that hard to do for yourself, but I can appreciate farming it out -- I've done mine in the past, and give it to the shop whenever the weather climbs above about 90 degrees outside

          Good Luck!
          =-= The CyberPoet
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            if you havn't replaced the fuel lines, brake lines, brake pads, clutch, throttle cables - all the chassis bolts need to be retorqued etc. etc....

            on the bad note some shops MAY skimp on some of these important details ( like re-sync'ing the carbs ) which is why i do it myself.