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How long can the bike alarm be plugged it?....

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  • How long can the bike alarm be plugged it?....

    ....Before it starts to drain the battery?


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    well it is a constant drain on the battery really. My leds that I have with a wireless remote was a drain as well. What i did was put an inline kill switch for the leds to turn off completely when I am sitting it for storage or long periods of time.

    The alarm is a different animal though.
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      Alright. I was more concered if, for example: I go to the mall and plug the alarm to the battery and activate it. I don't want to come back to my bike and find the battery is dead.

      Is a few hours okay to have the alarm activated and connected to the battery?



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        Most alarms can run for almost a week without seriously draining a healthy battery to the point it doesn't want to start the bike. If your battery is borderline defective, or you have a poorly-designed alarm, it may be a different story. Using a battery charger like BatteryTender's Waterproof 800 while the bike is parked at home will offset whatever drain you get at the mall and help keep your battey in tip-top shape.

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        A few alarms have their own rechargable battery system that fills when the bike is running, so as to not drain the main battery when parked, and to ensure that the alarm works even with the main battery dead.

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          Push start it