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Removing the gas tank

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  • Removing the gas tank

    My fuel petcock, at one point, the lines must have been crossed, therefore Off is never really off...I tried to take the tank off and gas came out of the tank where the line was pulled, and actually stained my frame...

    So is there any way I can find out which way is off? maybe take bike for a ride, switch the valve until it dies? then disconnect the lines?

    Do i pull the lines from the tank/or from the valve?


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    When I drained my tank I put in 2 fuel filters and that gave me about 2 to 3 inches more slack. It doesn't solve your problem but it can help in the future.
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      The Katana's use a vacuum diaphram (fed by a vacuum line off one of the carbs) that pull against a spring to open the petcock in the ON and RESERVE positions (this system is defeated in the PRIME position). If it's working properly, ON and RESERVE are both effectively OFF when the engine isn't running.

      Possible Problems:
      Over time, the diaphram can tear or brittle up, keeping the petcock from flowing gas in anything but the PRIME position (ditto if you have a vacuum leak in the vacuum hose going to the petcock); conversely, a weak spring can not push on the diaphram hard enough to shut it off when the engine isn't providing vacuum.

      If it's flowing gas even with the engine off, it sounds like you need a petcock rebuild kit -- check with Special$K$ -- he normally carries them.

      PS - always pull the main fuel line at the petcock when taking off the tank, the drain line off the bottom of the tank, and the vacuum line at the carb -- this way you can't normally confuse them when reinstalling.

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        I really hope its nothing as serious as that...just crossed lines.

        but ur advice will help me.


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          I really hope its nothing as serious as that...just crossed lines.

          but ur advice will help me.


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            Well, I believe I have the same petcock as yours (93 Kat 600) and it doesn't matter if the lines are crossed or not. I've tried both, and the front fuel feed to the petcock can feed either the 1-2 carbs or the 3-4 (and vis versa sp?). It just sound like you put it in prime since our petcocks don't have an off (just on and prime as the Poet stated earlier).

            Let us know though how it goes, as I am in the middle of putting in filters myself.


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              where are the filters located? I figure I have to take tank off anyway to change plugs I might as well change filter. Thanks to this site I got the fairing off to start


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                My brain tickles.
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