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Pre 98 exhaust system

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  • Pre 98 exhaust system

    Does anyone know where I can get an exhaust system for a 92 600 kat. I like the dual pipe look but I would maybe like to have a little more growl behind it and I don't want to pay for 2 slip ons. Anyone know of any options for me?

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    yep get a full system. You can get an older Yosh System, but someone did put a 98+ system on a pre98. You can get a V&H Supersport or SS2R system or a D&D system. That is the best you can do.


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      i believe the F1's you can find from dennis kirk are double pipe i havnt heard them


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        I don't really mind switching to a 4 to 1 exhaust system, but where can I find those old D&D or Vance and hines systems?


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          Well you can buy the V&H 4 to 1 system pretty cheap new (~$325), but if wanted even're gonna have to put up a WTB thread and troll Ebay for a WHILE.

          I much prefer the V&H to the D&D, just cause the D&D is ridiculously loud!


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            is there a big difference in how all of the differnt brands sound? I've heard DandD is it Cop giving you a ticket loud or just annoying loud? I've heard vandH is nice. Where could I find these systesm for a pre98 bike?


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              RJ SPORT & CYCLE

              4918 MILLER TRUNK HWY
              DULUTH MN 55811

              DULUTH LAWN & SPORT

              4715 GRAND AVE
              DULUTH MN 55807


              69 N 28TH ST E
              SUPERIOR WI 54880


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                Old vance and Hines are crazy loud. They're louder than wind noise at highway speed (and that's freakin loud). I searched on eBay for another system and got a full Yoshi system, after selling the V&H the switch cost me about $12. I love the yosh, but I know most swear by Hindle (never heard one ) . Also keep in mind that the exhaust for a 750 will fit, just need more jetting.

                I love eBay!


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                  OK, here's a news flash. The Yoshimura system I have on my '95 600 (R&D 4 into 1 with aluminum race can) requires that I drop the entire system OFF THE BIKE to change my oil filter. No other way to get the filter out, won't fit. So keep this in mind...
                  My first aid kit comes with lights and siren

                  But sir, we are Navy SEALs, we are supposed to be surrounded...


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                    i have a yoshi and i love it sounds awesome im trying ot make my own headers here at school and ill let ya know how it goes, and ill prob use some kind of yoshi slip on im just not sure yet to make it a full exhaust