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Fan motor on 93 kat 600

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  • Fan motor on 93 kat 600

    I removed the fan on my 93 kat 600 about a year ago and I have had no problems with the bike. I was always told it was only for emmisions and not nessisary to keep it on. I just spoke with guy at a shop in sacramento who is putting on my new exhaust and jetting the bike and he said that the fan is needed to cool the carburaters and I should put it back on as it gets over 100 degress for many weeks in sacramento . I just came from a cooler climate in socal (Huntington Beach) and that is why i could run without the fan. Is any of this true?

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    My bike is a 89. Only the california bikes came with that. Here in TN it gets up to 100 during the summer with no problem and it is humid. No teh fan is not there to cool the carbs. It is there to cool the engine down because of the emission crap that the Cali models have. So no need to put it back on unless you want to. I am nto sure if they do inspections on bikes there or not.


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      I'm with Highsight on this: areas in Texas, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico often experience temps significantly higher than you'll find around Sacramento (or Davis), and Suzukis don't ship with the carb fan in those "hot" states either. That said, the carb fan and other plumbing on the California version can make the bike much easier to start on particularly hot days (by providing fuel-vapor from the charcoal cannisters, as well as fuller fuel bowls at start-up), but that benefit of catching a spark a second faster is more than offset by the battery in the bike going dead regularly from the fan running for 45 minutes, an hour in 100 degree (F) weather... especially if you tend to drive shorter trips (blockbuster, fan running 10 minutes while you decide which DVD, then ride 4 minutes to the grocery store, fan on for 15 minutes while you do a little shopping, then ride 5 minutes to... you get the idea).

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        Thanks for the help, the fan is history.