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95 Kat 750 won't Idle...

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  • 95 Kat 750 won't Idle...

    O.K. capped off the drain tube from the intake and ran it out next to the battery vent tube.

    Bike will only start with choke full on but when I turn it dies.
    I can hold the throttle open and it revs O.K. but it sputters a bit even at high revs...I messed with the idle screw (the one you can reach by hand on the left side) and don't know for sure if I was increasing or decreasing it...

    which position is full closed for the idle screw fully clockwise or full counterclockwise?

    The bike was running great in Nov when I was in Hawaii. I drained the oil and fuel to ship it here to Nevada and it hasn't run right since...It's got a hair over 9800 on the clock but it's been a while on the plugs and no Carb sync / Valve adjustment done since I've had it (2 yrs)

    Any Ideas...
    95 Kat 750cc (RIP)
    the scratches added character...she served me well!

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    Sounds like the fuel/air mixture is messed up. I am not home with my book to help trouble shoot it. I would repalce the plugs, clean the carbs out and resync them. That would be a starting point for you. It is clockwise to increase the idle and counter clockwise to decrease it.


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      Simple answer, I suspect: Jetting too lean.

      The altitude difference between most areas of Hawaii (close to sea level) and Nevada (2500) is enough to make a significant difference if the bike was particularly lean to begin with or if the fuel residued up during transit. I recommend swapping your plugs, draining your fuel bowls and cleaning them (as well as the jets) and if that doesn't resolve it, increase your pilot screw settings about 1/4 of a turn. If you want to try the easier fix, get fresh fuel, add some techron fuel system cleaner and run it through until it is the only fuel in the carbs (so it clears out the old fuel). Then let it sit overnight and restart it -- this should reliquify any residues and then burn them off.

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