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95 Kat Vaccuum tube question and a storage issue

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  • 95 Kat Vaccuum tube question and a storage issue

    My Kat's been sitting for awhile and I fired it up today...after a bit of coaxing, she fired up...spitting and sputtering but running rough. After letting it run a little while I smelled something burning and could see smoke from the left side of the exhaust. I shut it down and took a closer look.

    I could see what I think is a vacuum tube handing down and resting on the exhaust right next to the chain (Never noticved it there before but I don't think that is where it should be). I took off the seat and left side faring and noticed the tube attaches to the lower left side of the air intake but the way the hose is run just doesn't look right. It was folded over (crimped) and run through a hole on a tab in the frame next to the nipple off the intake and then left hanging from there to where it ended up (by the exhaust and chain). My guess is the previous owner had run it like that and tucked it out of the way and it just recently shook it's way loose (I had it shipped here during my last move and rode it to work once since then). Sitting on the exhaust burnt a hole in the end.

    My questions to you all are:

    1. Is this a vacuum tube or something else?
    2. How is this tube supposed to be routed? The way it was run just didn't look crimped in two places and resting by the exhaust and chain.
    3. Do I need to get a replacement hose from the stealer or can I just cap off the old hose. (any suggestions on how to do that as well would be helpful)

    Also, I'm going to be away for a 3-4 months and the bike will be sitting idle. Do I need to throw some Sta-Bil in the tank or will it be O.K. providing my wife goes and fires it up and lets it run for a bit?

    Thanks in advance to all....
    95 Kat 750cc (RIP)
    the scratches added character...she served me well!

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    If it is attached to the air box all it is is a drain hose. Just route it away from anything hot. As for your fuel I recommend draining your tank ASAP. If it has been sitting for a few weeks (or longer) with gas in it the gas has gone bad. Don't run that crud through your carbs or you will be having more problems. Drain the tank, refill it with good (89 or better octane) fuel and DEFINITELY put Sta-Bil in the tank if it is going to sit for awhile longer. Make sure you top the tank off before you store it so you won't get condensation in there as well.


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      what he said!


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        That drain tube is supposed to be capped in normal operation according to several people here. There is another post about that very tube with a diagram on here recently.
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          The tube is to collect the oil and water that can build up in the air box. The tube should run through a hole to guide it. It should hang below the fairing (Ugly, I know) and be capped. The Kat has a cheap cap that looks like a section of hose heat sealed at the end. because that is what it is LOL.. Check the tube to make sure there are no cuts in it (I just discovered mine does) and that the cap works (again I found mine was torn). Anything can cap it, a vacuum cap or a tight fitting screw.

          When you do routine maintenence, pull the cap and drain the line. judge by how much water is in it how ofter you do it. You can buy the replacement from Suzuki for $12 or a tube close enough can be found at the auto store..