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Blowing a fuse?

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  • Blowing a fuse?

    Hey bike has this slight problem. There is an easy short term solution, but I want to know what the real problem is. Essentially, every time I start the bike, if I turn the handlebars in just the wrong way, the bike just dies. The fuse that blows is a 30 fuse, on the left hand side of the bike, just a little below and to the left of where you take the seat off...Anyone have any ideas how to fix this? Can I just increase my fuse to a 40? Thanks!
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    my guess is that there is a short somewhere... a frayed wire or exposed wire somewhere.. does the bike cut out if you turn the bars while riding it.
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      Don't change the fuse by a bigger one! The fuse is there to protect if a surge a current anormaly high happen. If you change it by a bigger one the fuse is not gonna blow and maybe something else will blow.

      Check the cable around the handle bar like zleviticus said!


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        It sounds like your ignition wire has a broken strand in it. Since it only dies when you trun the handlebars. Your bike was stolen right? They may have cut the wires and just spliced them together to get the bike to run. So look at all the wires around the ignition system.


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          wires!!! check from the ignition and follow it down, also check the wires off the switches.
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            +1 on highsight2020
            Another might be the headlight.


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              does it happen if u turn them either way, or just to the left or just to the right ?


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                It's a theft deterent.

                Seriously, You seem to have a shorted wire. Do as instructed above.
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                  Re: Blowing a fuse?

                  Originally posted by Hitman
                  Can I just increase my fuse to a 40? Thanks!
                  As RobRoy pointed out -- no. Upping the fuse size will simply cause the wire itself to act as the fuse instead (and the last thing you want is the wiring melting as it gives).

                  I'm with everyone else on this -- faulty insulation causing a ground when you turn the handlebars, either at the ignition circuit or at the headlight circuit. The good part is that it should be easy to spot with a bit of work (probably have to strip the fairings off to get at it).

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                    Like everyone else said. The easiest way to find it is look where the wiring harness bends around frame. Open up the harness and look for the wire that has the insulation rubbed off of it.