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  • No spark

    i just did a 98+600 swap in a pre98 frame with the complete wiring harness with the carbs and the motor turns over good but its no spark coming from the spark plugs and its power going to the coils i tryed new plugs and still no spark and the only thing im using from the pre98 is the coils could that be it

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    Did you grab the CDI from the 98+? If not, it won't work right. The coils might play into it (not sure on that one). Are you getting a valid signal from the signal generator?

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      yes im using ever thing form the 98 cdi too and how do you check the signal from the generator


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        Me thinks you'll need the coils and the plug wires because of the change in resistance-type of the plugs. But that's just a guess...

        To check the signal generator, connect the wires from the signal generator to a multimeter and rotate the signal generator by hand (using a tool). Watch for a peak in voltage or resistance (start by looking at the voltage; if it doesn't change, use ohms and retest). Usually just following the leads to check for damage is sufficient.

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          The coils are interchangable 90-05. I've used '00 coils with a pre98 wiring harness/electronics on a pre98 600 and a 98+ 600 engines. IF the coils are good they are not the problem.

          Which alternator are you using?

          I don't know if it would effect spark, but you should be using a 98+. alternators stay with the wiring harness.
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            im using every thing off the 98 except the coils just no spark from the spark plugs


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              I would try new coils.

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                tryed other coils and still nothing no spark


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                  Are you sure that the leads are hooked to the coils properly? I don't know if switching them around would cause it or not, but just a thought.

                  Have you connected a multimeter to the coils to check for voltage there? If the coils are not getting juice they will not provide spark. If there is voltage at the coils, I have one other suggestion.

                  Take the plastic boots off the spark plug wires (unscrew it) and cut about 1/4" off the end of the spark plug wires. Then screw the boots back onto the spark plug wires. I had to do this to mine once.


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                    yeah i checked the leads, its two wires going to each coil one is hot when the key is on and the other wire is going to the ecu and one wire have fire but the other wire dont


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                      No Spark

                      I am have a very similar problem. No spark. The only thing is when I turn on the key the positive wire is turning both posts hot. If you get any helpful info, please share.