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Oil Filter Quality Check

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  • Oil Filter Quality Check

    Wana know which Oil Filter is the best out there? Well, you can decide for yourself with this page. This guy took all different types of filters, and cut them open and gives you all the specs so you can truley see what you are buying. Looks like I will be staying away from the Fram filters for now on.
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    WOW, Louie: That's a GREAT Article you found. That guy really went to a lot of trouble..............

    I use the NAPA GOLD ones.........price is VERY competitive!
    I'm having to use the K&N ones for racing,so they can be safety wired. Looks like a good choice!


    If a few more chime in on this thread.I'll probably stiky it for future reference for all!

    I've owned over 70 Katanas - you think I know anything about them?
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      cool..... i lost that link and been looking for that for months.....



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        I plan on doing a Katana-specific oil filter comparo sometime before the end of the year... I'll be asking for donation oil filters (preferably unused!). He did a good job, but not totally complete; unlike the link above, I'll actually be stretching out the pleating to look for total surface area and looking at the filtration materials closer.

        On a related topic, my air filter looked pretty clean yesterday when I pulled it -- but when I cut it open and opened the pleating up all the way, I found a ton of crap in the bottom of the pleats, enough to make me glad I replaced it. Mostly it was tiny grass & leaf clippings and the like... Guess I should give lawnmowers wider berth when they mow the interstates....

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          K&N is due up for me in another month or so...good article!


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            I ran a fram on my bike one time and it sucked big time. I just go to the local dealer here and get one from them. From what I was told My 89 Kat uses the same filter as the 98+ Kats, Gixxers, Hybusa. I think Suzuki just uses one size fits all thing. Works great for them I guess. This information was given to me by my local dealer. We pulled up vairous bikes and the part# is the same.


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              Good reading Lou, thanx. Now I have to change my oil and filter on princable.
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