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GSXR camshafts in a Kat

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  • GSXR camshafts in a Kat

    i was wondering if anyone could help to figure out if camshafts out of a 93' 750 gsxr would fit in a 91' 750 kat, and if so will i gain much performance from them, and if they dont does anyone know were i can get new cams for a 91' 750 kat
    thanks for any help
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    There WAS a guy selling some cams on here a while back (Mr.Clean , I think) . Look in the parts section yet ?
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      Sorry I sold mine. And no a set of 93 GSXR cams won't fit. In 93 the GSXR went water cooled. Are your cams the shimm type or split rocker type?


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        Gixxer cams without Gixxer heads will not give you much. Without knowing the profiles of each, I would assume the Gix cam has some additional lift and duration over the katana cams. This may cause some clearance issues. Sooo, you need larger vales to allow for more air flow to maximize the new cams.

        And then you are going to need bigger carbs to put more fuel with the additional airflow.

        Then you need larger headers to improve exhaust scavenging.

        At this point, you may need some ignition upgrades.

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          i was thnking of this for a while i actually posted about it a while ago, it might work if you get hte same cam, because its all the same BUT the gsxr crank has a smaller stroke so the clearence i dont hink would be a prob. i just pmed special k about a cam but now that i see all this i may not do this oh yea you said you need bigger carbs, no you just need bigger jets, 144's should be fine with pods and a nice exhaust.


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            id love more info if anyone has it, im at an automotive school so this could toatlly be done


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              Guys I know all this info already. I just finished building a late model (98+) 771 engine. I just need to know the cam specs for another future project. And 144 jets are waaaay to big, i used 122's and still and to dial the fuel/air mix down because it was running too rich.


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                I put 1100 cams in my 750 Kat over winter. I took it for a test spin it is realy dead in the low rpms. It reminds me of my brothers friends pre 98 750 kat. I started to take it above 50mph and a piece of my fairing fell off, so I had to go back and pick it up. In another week or two I will put the upper fairing back on, so the front wheel fairing wont fly off again. I also put an Ivan jet kit in it. I tell you this though sitting in neutral the bike revs real quick. I dont have it all sorted out yet. I have also heard that you should only put in the GSXR 1100 intake cam and leave the stock 750 exhaust cam in the bike. Since the 2 big cams move the power above the red line. The only thing I am not looking forward to is readjusting the cams in about 600 miles.
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                  Generally, when changing to a higher performance cam you will lose bottom end power to gain high end power. The common fix is to increase compression to compensate for this... the limiting factor being how high you can run compression and still use pump gas.

                  A thinner head gasket might make a difference.
                  I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity. -- Edgar Allan Poe


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                    yea your def gonna lose the torque for some nice top end, but you can always just do some sprockes to make it pull hard down low