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Question about yoshimura exhaust

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  • Question about yoshimura exhaust

    I just bought a Yosh slip on for my '02 Kat. But it hasnt come yet. I was wondering if it is difficult to install? This would be my frist real mechanic job i will do on my Kat and I am also up in college so I dont have a shop to do it in...

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    It's no biggie. Handle with care if you don't want any scratches. Just loosen the pseudo pipe clamp at the header and the two obvious mounting bolts and then shimmy it off. You may need the gasket and center stand rubber stopper from the old muffler. Don't forget to install the rubber can protector underneath the rear strap.
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      No problemo. You'll do fine.
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        be sure to put up pics too, when ur finished... and welcome to KR!


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          Easy, and should take only a few minutes.
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            hey, i'm also doing this on sunday. it shouldn't be hard at all. yoshimira suggests to replace the gasket inside the header where your exhaust plugs in. its not necessary but look at your old one and make sure that its not worn or anything. if it still looks good then you shouldn't have to worry about replacing it. if you need any help just ask. you'll find some very knowledgeable people on this site that are always willing to help out.

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