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Electrical problem -- No spark

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  • Electrical problem -- No spark

    93 gsx600F katana

    Last summer when pulling away from stops, my bike underperformed until it reached the higher revs. --- I was told this is due to a battery-dependant ignition system. Meaning, unless the bike has a good quality battery to provide proper spark during the low revs it will not perform well until it reaches the higher revs, when the alternator (generator) starts creating enough energy, recharging the battery, to provide proper spark. ----

    The scenario: One day while riding normally, my bike suddenly lost power. It didn't stall, but it felt like it was only firing on 3 cyls. for example. Then after a matter of seconds the problem corrected itself and I rode the short trip home. After parking the bike for the night, I went out the next day, only to sadly discover that my baby had no heartbeat. It just wouldn't spark

    I was surprised at this since this was just a day or two after I got back from a motorcycle trip with a buddy where we drove a couple thousand km, and the bike never acted up once., I killed the battery running the starter. Then I charged the battery. And tested the electrical system. Everything was within the specified ranges. Then after finding out about the battery-dependant ignition deal, I figure it's a bad battery. BUT, after installing a new battery I still had no spark.

    I tested for spark by grounding a plug against the frame. I tested both coils and all four plugs and wires, but NEITHER coil had any spark (each coil tested within range of specified resistances, so figure they're still good). As well, it seems highly unlikely that both ignition coils should fail at the exact same time. but neither is creating spark.

    So where can the problem be?
    Could it be as simple as a bad ground?
    Could it be the alternator/generator?
    Perhaps the problem lies somewhere around the signal generator rotor?!? can this part just "burn out" suddenly?
    -All my fuses are good.
    -All the lights work as normal....but the high beam indicator has always been iffy, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't....
    -I bought a new cdi and wireharness from ebay that I'm going to mess around with, but I would really just like to end the frusteration and know what the problem is.

    It's definatley electrical. The plugs are new, and the bike was running perfectly prior to this. Other than the chronic hesitate-from-a-standing-start problem.

    If there are any questions or more details needed I can be very specific.

    Any advice is welcome, and greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much!

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    CyberPoet's Motorcycle Electrical Diagnostics and Troubleshooting page, at Motorcycle, makers of the world's best MC security products!

    At this point, I would guess that one of the following is occuring:
    1. Bad ground. Check the terminals at the battery, and look at the wires closely for signs of corrosion under the insulation or at the terminal crimping.
    2. Coils wired incorrectly.
    3. Wire from the signal generator damaged, or signal generator sensor bad, resulting in no spark signaling (thus no spark).
    4. Damaged ignitor (unlikely but possible), or corroded connectors at the pigtail to the ignitor (far more likely).

    Can you list the following for me:
    (A) Voltage at battery, bike off.
    (B) Voltage at battery, bike at idle.
    (C) Voltage at battery, bike at 5k RPM.

    =-= The CyberPoet
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      The battery is brand new, so it should be between 11 and 13V, but I never put a multi-meter on it.....yet. I can't get the rest of the readings.....well, for obvious reasons....

      I'll be messing around with the bike pretty heavily next week over my spring break....hopefully it will be something simple like a bad ground.

      I'll be back...


      I can always use more adice on things to check into


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        I have spark now. All I needed to do was clean up some connections and a few grounds, and presto.

        The bike still isn't running though. I parked the bike for several months without treating the gasoline, so now it's oxidized to a jelly varnish inside the carbs. But at least the spark problem is dealt with!


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          Originally posted by benchfalco
          The bike still isn't running though. I parked the bike for several months without treating the gasoline, so now it's oxidized to a jelly varnish inside the carbs. But at least the spark problem is dealt with!
          Drain the tank, drain the float bowls.
          Put techron fuel system cleaner into the tank and then fill with fresh, known-good fuel. Set bike petcock to PRIME for 60 - 90 seconds, then back to ON. Start her up, run some of the new fuel through, then let it sit overnight, and run again. The techron will reliquify the remaining jelly and cause it to burn off. You may need multiple tankfuls to get it all cleared out of the smaller passages if it's particuarly bad. After you get it resolved, and burn through the last of the cleaner-mixed-fuel, do an oil & filter change.

          =-= The CyberPoet
          Remember The CyberPoet