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do i need a jet kit

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  • do i need a jet kit

    i have a 98 katana 600 and i just bought a full vance in hines exhaust and now wondering before i put it on do i need a jet kit if so what stage

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    ah depends if you wanna go fast get a stage 3 and get independent air cleaner pods for your carb's, if you wanna stay normal, get a stage 1 kit and get a k&n replacement filter element


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      i just want it to run right i was told if i didnt install a jet kit that the bike will foul plugs or spit and pop so i was wondering if that was right or not thats why i was aking if i need a jet kit


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        You will need a stage 1 jet kit. You should also change out your stock air filter to a K&N or other high flo filter.

        Do a search on the site and you will find more than enough info on what you need to do.

        Good luck with your mod's
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          if you want a jet kit from dennis kirk here are you order numbers
          jet kit
          17-1865 $113.99
          air filter
          30-666 $75.99 (factory style filter element)


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            You need a jetkit. Period.

            There are four (really three) choices. No one offers anything other than a stage 1 kit for the 98-05 Kat 600's.

            (A) Ivan's Performance Products ( Advantage is that you get to talk with Ivan if/when you run into problems. Very knowledgeble guy. Tell him the CyberPoet sent you.

            (B) DynoJet ( Well respected in the industry, but not always the best in terms of post-sales follow-ups and help.

            (C) K&N ( These guys used to sell DynoJet kits relabelled under their own brand name, and sometimes you can find close-out deals on them (eBay for example). No post-sales support on obsoleted products.

            (D) FactoryPro ( Marc over at FactoryPro is a good guy, and knows his stuff like Ivan does. Option of titanium needles for a surcharge. Best online help pages out of the bunch to help you understand what's going on. I don't know if you get to talk to a human if you run into problems.

            Now, given one of those kits, you then have the option of using an aftermarket (K&N) air filter. Personally, I prefer sticking with the stock filter, as the power differences will be neglible with a typical stage 1 kit and the stock filter does an amazing job of filtering. If you go with a filter, it needs to be installed at the same time as the jetkit. If you are planning on using an advancer as well, it needs to go in before the jetkit tuning as well.

            Now comes the complicated part. Becaue you have varied two to four things on the engine (exhaust system end-to-end, jetkit and possibly the air intake/filtration, plus possibly an advancer), you will need to go find someone with a dyno and an exhaust gas analyzer (or at least install your own exhaust gas analyzer & gauge, or use an external exhaust gas analyzer). At this point, someone needs to tune the fuel-air mixtures in the various fueling circuits to be in the right range at various RPM/load levels. This will be done by checking the exhaust gas CO2 content at various RPM levels (preferably under load), and optimizing the jetting and settings to have the fueling neither rich nor excessively lean. The idle circuit will be the most important one of the bunch, because if it's too far out of line (either way), the bike won't start for you, and/or will eat through spark plugs (fouling) like it's going out of style. Expect to pay $150 - $350 for a good mechanic to tweak all the settings repeatedly to get them tuned well, and it may well take several trips. Doing it yourself will be time-consuming (think possibly months & nightmare headaches) but far cheaper.

            If you find your performance is ideal in gears 1-4 and then sags off in 5 & 6, try removing the ignition advancer. I suspect there are two different ignition maps for the 98 - 05 Kats.

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              ok ive heard the factory jet kit is a more simple jet ket cause its simple to install, and something a do it your selfer could do so is that the kit that i should consider buying or not


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                Install is pretty easy, if you are mechanically inclined. The tuning is the hard part (time consuming). I did my own, but I am still tweaking.

                I got a DynoJet kit from Special K.

                And Used the Factory Pro Website. and a few others.
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                  Originally posted by 93katana
                  ok ive heard the factory jet kit is a more simple jet ket cause its simple to install, and something a do it your selfer could do so is that the kit that i should consider buying or not
                  they are simple to install - you can read through my pages
                  if you follow the instructions your tuning will be close. i would suggest buying the next size up pilot jet as the idle is VERY lean.

                  you'll need to re-sync the carbs when done also.