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Anyone use ÷hlins forks on the katana??

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  • Anyone use ÷hlins forks on the katana??

    Are they any good ?? is it big diffrence ????

    Im thinking of buying new forks.

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    go with the GSXR forks or Busa setup. Alot cheaper than Ohlin and will make the Kat come alive. I think someone posted something about forks on the rolling stock forum
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    Please look at this build!


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      if it can be done, Waltari would know how....PM him...he is our conversion guru!


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        Depends what your looking for in an end result. If you just looking for a better handling suspension, you can get good results from changing springs, adding spacers, and using different weights of fork oil in your stock forks. Doing some of those things will allow you to dial the suspension into your riding weight and your type of riding. Also, you can upgrade your stock kats braking buy changing the types of pads you use and going to stainless brake lines.

        If you want extreme changings in suspension tuneability and braking upgrades, then a front end conversion might be a better choice. Ohlins on a kat is by far overkill. For what you might spend on a complete ohlins conversion (unless you get a killer ebay score) you could probably buy an entire new bike. If you good with tools, tuning, and are an ebay junky, you can pick up USD front ends that are stiffer, offer more adjustability, and offer better high performance braking options for decent prices.

        Since Busas are closer to the kats weight, you might start with a busa front end and go from there. Stock busas weigh in around 471lbs whereas kats are anywhere from 10-25lbs lighter depending on engine displacement and model year so a stock set of busa forks should be slightly better sprung for firming up the kats suspension. Also, changing the springs and oil should give you maximum tuneability with the stiffer USDs. Six pot tokicos are also standard on busas and will offer better braking stock, but again, stainless lines and different pads will offer even better performance.

        Will the busa fron end fit? Most likely you would need to have the kat steering stem pressed into the busa triples as well as use stock kat bearings. Also, the busa USDs might be shorter than the kat forks. If that is the case, you might need offset triple to be fabricated or if ground clearance isn't an issue they could work to your advantage. MYy forks are shorter but it increases turn in speed (+) but when the turn in speed is increased you may then also need a steering damper to prevent high speed tank slappers.

        So there you go...spend a couple hundred and push the capabilities of the stock setup, or be different, tinker, spend more money and push it even further.


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          Hmm... You are swedish, and you are asking if swedish forks are any good - now that's a true patriot j/k

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