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Winterized Motorcycle

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  • Winterized Motorcycle

    Alright all you guru's. Been living in the south with my bike and being that I moved this is the first winter the Katana has had to endure.

    I winterized it and my question is this. What are your suggestions to get the Kat unwinterized and back on the road.

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    Depending on what you did...

    I do an oil change, put the battery back in, roll her outside. Check her out, once over. Then try and start her up (prime). If she doesn't start, leave it a couple of minutes, and it will start next time. Its actually good for the battery, and gas lines to try her, and then leave her for a couple. (I'm leaving out stuff like taking off the stand and taking rags out of the exhaust and stuff of course )

    Let her run, check lights and brakes. Check tires, we have an air pump that hooks up to the car to do the tires. Have removed gas and put clean in once as well, not last year though. Give her a wash, and get out!!
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      See the instructions for dewinterizing at
      CyberPoet's How to Store or Winterize your Bike.

      The biggest tips are:
      Remove the plugs, put a teaspoon to a tablespoon of motor oil into each cylinder and then turn the motor over by hand (either using the rear wheel in gear, or using the bolt on the ignition signal generator) with the plugs out. After turning it over a dozen times, install plugs (reuse or new, depending on condition), swap out for fresh fuel, prime it for 60 seconds and start it as usual. Let it heat up all the way before shutting down again (15-20 minutes), then do an oil change.

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