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    Old subject, I'm sure, but I'm looking at my poor chicken-stripped rear Dunlop and thinking I'll need to replace it soon. Size matters, and right now I run stock 140-80 16 rubber. With the 3" wide stock rim, how big can I spoon on before I run into trouble??? I've already decided 120-60 16 will work nice up front, so how about 160-60 16 on the rear?> Or would 150-70 be more prudent...

    (I just pasted this over from the Suzuki Katana talk forum...moderator can delete the other post)
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    16"? I thought the Kat wheels were 17"? If you want a wider tire on your pre 98 look for a 98+ rear wheel. It is a direct bolt in. Just make sure to get the rear disk and carrier with it. Then you will have a 4.5" wide rear wheel that will easily fit a 160/60 to go with that 120/60 up front. Just remember that a narrower tire corners better. When I replace my tires on my 2002 600 later this spring I'm going to stick with the stock size 150/70R17 rear.


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      if you have chicken strips...why would you want wider tire?

      First...what is the year?....and the tire should be 17" unless you have the ORIGINAL Kat!

      your profile say's the tires should be 140 stock in rear...150 could get 160...but that is NOT recommended.

      the wider the tire, the HARDER it is to corner, always match equipment and do not scrimp on is the most IMPORTANT mod you can do....your life is riding on your tires.

      SEARCH...ask opinions and I am certain, members will help you out and fill your head with so much stuff that you will be an expert by the time you go and buy them.


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        yeah, you're both right, they are 17s and I typoed the 16 in. Old Harley brain cells that haven't died off yet I replaced the original bias tires with Dunlop 205s, but went stock size. They have been fine, long lasting tires. I think I have 12,000 on them, and the center, like all street riders, are getting close to the wear bars, at least on the rear. The fronts have cupped a little if you feel for it, but are in really good shape otherwise.

        I have recieved glowing praises from Kat owners who have gone to 160-60s on the rear, but I know that wheel width is very important when it comes to tire width, and 160 just seems too wide for my early narrower stock width rim. The beauty of that size (160-60 17), besides the "coolness" factor, is that there are tires from every manufacturer in that size and you can often get killer deals on sets, say from Cycle Gear. 150-70 17 is a little more difficult to get, esp. on sale or special, but what's the sense in saving $50 on tires and then turn around and give it (plus a bunch more...) to the ER doctor to help fix them broken parts cause you crash on them wrong tires!!!

        I guess I answered my own question. I feel confident going 150 wide, much less so with the 160s.

        PS to MrClean...I saw a 2001 600 Katana the other day at a local wrecking yard's impound lot. Man, it was hurt real bad, front end and one side totally gone, but it had a brand new 160 Diablo on the rear, and I mean shiny brand new. Hmmm...try to buy the rear set up? Or was that part of the reason the bike is sitting in the junk yard?? Interesting, but doesn't matter now as the bike has been moved.
        My first aid kit comes with lights and siren

        But sir, we are Navy SEALs, we are supposed to be surrounded...


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          You can safly go to a 160 on a late model Kat rear. Just make sure to get the eantire rear so you have all the stuff you will need.


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            The 150/70 17 came stock on Pre-98 750's. If you want to keep stock geometry, use a 120/70 17 up front. Remember the second number is the hight of the tire in relation to the width, not a number all it's own. So a 120/70 is approx. the same overall diameter as a 110/80, and a 150/70 is also approx. the same as the 140/80. That way geering and handling stay similiar. On a Pre-98 you are also changing the speedo if you change the front tire diameter. Just a thought.
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              What city & state you in?

              You info does not say.................

              For tires. I really like the Metzlers a lot..........very soft, pretty grippy,nice ride. I am runnig M1 SporTech's those

              Conti's are cheap, but pretty good

              Like the Dunlops alot.....\

              Yea, unless you're going to switch rear rims, etc. stick to a 150
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