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  • ive got a dream

    my corona, i wanna make it faster, sooo my plan is......nitrous...will the carb plate from a gsxr fit? or anyother? i dont know much about my motor but im really really serious about this so if you could let me know this would be awesome ..and ...are the swing arms's on a 89 750 like mine alumnim ? mine is 500 miles away so im just wondering ..thanks...oh yea and i was thinking about putting 140's in there cuz i have a stage 1 in the carbs now so if i put the 140's and pod's woul that help?

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    I hope you can ride this thing well before you actually install NOS in it.


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      my skills are fine i learn as i go and the nitrous will be used only on the track


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        How bout turbo Duff? (and maybe also NOS)


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          ah i dont want to beat the snot out of the motor 24 7 so i just want hte juice for when i need it


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            Don't know how many miles you've got on the odometer DD.
            If the engine is'nt in a new-state you should keep off from NOS.
            I did ask around a lot about this, contacted every NOS-specialist I could ask, but they all stated NOT to do it, some off them even said it would be a "sudden death" for an older engine...