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Problems after changing exhaust...

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  • Problems after changing exhaust...

    I changed my stock exhaust on my '03 Kat about 5 days ago...and today, it started to turn off if the RPM's were too low. Is this because I didn't rejet? I was told that with the D&D Slip-on I didn't have to. What can that be?

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    Sounds like teh carbs would at least need to be resynchronized............

    See, its kind alike this:

    Bike with AIR IN, CARBS SYNCHRONIZED and EXHAUST OUT are all balanced to each other...............

    and you've changed the air out you're allowing more flow out (less back pressure),which I'm pretty sure common sense tells me (well, maybe just me!) that it would lower yoru RPMs.

    If she gets down below 1100, your idle is off...........but instead of just simply turning that idle screw up to compensate, your bike is probably trying to tell you that something is wrong!

    When I go to a D&D, I always jet! Just easy on the jet change out, maybe only go up a few points on the main jets, but those needles are IMPORTANT! Then, resynch those carbs.
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      Thanks for your help...I figured it out. My choke was almost have way down. Thanks anyways!