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  • katana height

    hello to all
    i just bought a 96 katana gsx600f is there a way to lower height of the bike i'm 5ft4" and i like both of my feet to be flat to the ground when just sitting on the bike=standing still hope this makes sense thanks

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    Maybe different Dog Bones, and raising the forks?
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      The rear suspension link (commonly called the "dogbone") can be replaced with a longer one, which changes the rear suspension angle and drops the height of the rear of the bike. Many riders also raise the fork tubes at the triple-trees by 3 to 5mm at the same time to help maintain the geometery and lower the front of the bike. Shaving the seat foam or replacing the seat with one designed to be lower also helps. Finally, finding riding or military boots with decently thick soles is usually also helpful.

      If all this isn't sufficient, you need to evaluate whether this is the right bike for you. The problem isn't your height, it's your inseam length, and depending on how much you need to compensate over the stock 31" inseam requirement, you may not be able to get there totally.

      Good Luck!
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        This may be a stretch but sometimes tires can do it...I remember on my 93 Kat that when I changed my tires to a smaller size...the bike was more nimble and defintely felt bout 2 inches lower. Other than that and what Cyber may not be the best of choices (I know because my fiance is the same height and has trouble finding the right bike!)
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          Hey my wife is 5'4", and she sits on the back just fine!

          Just kidding. Welcome to KR. You will find that Cyber is often quite right, as he is in this case.
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