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Problem assembling the clutch switch

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  • Problem assembling the clutch switch

    While I was changing my handlebars using a kit from Spiegler, I was careless when opening up the choke switch and out popped a small spring and what looks like a rubber receptacle for the spring. It appears that the spring is what keeps the choke lever in a given position because without it the lever just snaps shut. I cannot figure out how to install the spring and rubber piece. Is there a schematic somewhere of the choke switch or can someone talk me through the installation?

    Incidentally, I am new to I just picked up a 2002 750 with only 6K miles and it is in excellent cosmetic and mechanical condition. I've been riding about 35 years now and I happen to be 83 years old. Changing the bars will make a world of difference for me. Thank you in advance for any help that you can give me.

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    Welcome to KR!

    If no one chimes in by tomorrow I have a spare assembly I can pull apart and see.
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      I was thinking the same thing. The manual is available for download here, it will cover that also. It's under mechanics 101. You need the "post" manual.
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