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    Originally posted by HemiKat View Post
    Not to be a thread jacker.... but do Kats have nuetral safety switches or does the clutch switch take its place? My clutch switch has never worked and my bike will start in gear. (And yes, the starter is strong enough to throw you forward if you forget.) Just thought it would be nice to have one or the other, perhaps I should retrace my clutch switch and see whats wrong with it.
    I think you could say they are interlocked
    clutch switch on the bar ,neutral at the transmission and side stand
    If the sidestand is down it will not start unless in neutral pulling clutch
    If the side stand is up, in gear pull the clutch it will start
    I like all the safeties, I usually start bike standing beside it so the safety is good
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      Originally posted by HemiKat View Post
      And yes, the starter is strong enough to throw you forward if you forget
      Yes it is. I had my bike stall at a light a few times and had to restart it in gear. Chunk chunk chunk vroooooom.
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      Originally posted by Badfaerie
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      Originally posted by soulless kaos
      but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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        The Clutch switch at the bars prevents the bike from being stated with out the clutch being pulled in. Doesn't matter if/what gear or neutral... It is not interconnected with other saftey switches.

        There is a neutral detection switch associated with the kickstand saftey switch. It will kill the engine if you put the bike in gear with the stand down, or will not allow the starter to kick over.

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          Originally posted by Kreylyn View Post
          The connectors on that wiring harness were alternated... both bullet connectors but... one male and one female. So if you trace down under the tank where it connects to the main wiring harness (yellow wires with green lines I think..) you can unplug the wires to the switch, and just plug the harness together... permanently closing that connection and making the clutch no longer nessasary at all to turn the starter over.

          Yeah, i did that accidentally. Like I said...

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            Yeah bike wont start with the kickstand down, but sometimes when I put the kickstand up I hit the shift into second gear... Guess Ill be more careful then, or hook up my clutch switch.
            Originally posted by arsenic
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              I bypassed all that crap right away. less things to act up on a road trip. and the way i figure, if you are scatterbrained enough to need all those safeties, maybe you dont belong on a bike anyway?
              I have since recently hooked up my clutch switch, cause my bro in law been borrow bike, and he forgets and tries to crank it in gear. I have no idea why he parks in gear, but he does it on his all the time.


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                My clutch switch & kickstand switch has been disconnected since I bought my bike. The orig owner left the connection at the clutch leaver there, just bypassed it by putting a screw terminal connector in there. The kickstand switch, I have no idea what he did. Cant find any wires outside of the harness, and dont want to start tearing into it. I since hooked up the clutch safety switch during the rebuild.
                My opinion, if it's your first bike, I would trace it down & reconnect it as well. And, it's not that hard to do, just as Krey said
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