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Sputters and dies

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  • Sputters and dies

    Hello all,

    I have a 1990 Katana 750. My problem is that when I am stopped at a light, or even when I put in the clutch for more than a couple seconds, my bike will die.

    I have tried revving it up to clean out carbs, and I adjusted Idle screw. But after a day, the problem was back.

    I have two inline fuel filters, but they appear clear.

    Any help?


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    My guess would be the idle jets need cleaning ....
    Try seafoam thru a couple of tanks first to see if that helps before tearing the carbs down ~

    All you want to know is right here ~


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      seafoam....* & lucas
      either or.... will only help to use both
      Mine did the same i think.

      atleast mine would sputter and wouldnt wanna go over 2-3-4k rpms put lucas in it and let it warm up now its better

      but still sometimes bogs... Probably my sparkplugs


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        someone told me..... if it doesnt idle right like yours & mine doesnt...
        then the jets needs to be cleaned/

        carbs cleaned/ jets taken out and soaked over night