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  • clutch cover

    Hello everyone i was wondering if the clutch cover was suppost to get hot
    also i don no what the other side cover is called but is that suppost get hot as well?Sometimes hot to touch.
    2nd question how do u know when its time to change spark plugs?Are they hard to change or is there a trick to changing them.

    I know these are dumb questions but im new and learning thanks any help needed.

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    Welcome to KR

    As the engine oil and clutch share the same oil, both the clutch cover and the signal generator cover will get hot when riding.
    Too much heat however could mean you have a problem somewhere.

    Spark plugs should be changed every 7500 miles or 12 months.
    You will have to loosen the fairings and remove the gas tank to change the plugs.

    You can find service manuals for download here:
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    2002 GSXF 750