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How to polish swrils out?

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  • How to polish swrils out?

    was wondering if someone could help me, in detail, figure the steps needed to polish the swrils out from my tank. I have a handheld polisher and air compressor and many differnt type of polishing liquids and compounds. I also have the Maguires 3 step polishing system. Feed back needed, thanks.
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    i use the three part system with damp cotton terry cloth towels for the cleaner and polish, and for the wax, I use a cotton cloth similar to a tee shirt. slightly damp also.

    Just keep working it in a little at a time for each step. keep going back and forth with the curves of the bike. i never wax or polish in circles, and I never let the wax or polish dry. just keep rubbing for a few minutes and then with another clean terry cloth wipe the excess away. take your time and you will see the spider webs disappearing.


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      Leave the polisher on the shelf and do it by hand. My weapon of choice is 3M Perfect-It.
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        I've had good luck with a Mother's Powerball, my drill, and some Scratch X

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          I had a friend that has a polisher and Menzerna polish do mine, I'm too impatient. I didn't even know my paint had metal flake in it before he polished it, that's how oxidized it was.

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            ^thats how my brother and I found out about his purple flake


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              I use a cyclo-orbital polished with green pads, doesnt matter how long/hard you polish it wont hurt the paint.... The mcguires three step is a good process. The cleaner wax will take out most of the scratches. I prefer to use a micro-fiber towel for both application and removal.
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