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    I am new here and need help with my 93 600 kat. The bike is very hard to start sometimes and others not so hard. when i get it started let it warm up put it in gear there is no power, cant go past 30mph. you can even give it full throttle and it does nothing. followed my book and cleaned the carbs. Could they maybe need synced. it has 17,800 miles on it. I would like to get this best running this spring. Havent even got to ride it yet.

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    have you put the air filter back on
    my 04 750 runs like crap if air filter isnt 100%
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      Yes you want to sync the carbs regardless.

      Most likely cause in my limited experience is probably going to be either lack of fuel flow through the petcock, fuel filter, stuck floats in the carbs, or gummed up jets, sediment and/or water in the fuel.

      What do you mean when you say that you cleaned the carbs? It has different meanings to different people. From full disassembly, soaking, and scrubbing, to spraying carb cleaner at the butterfly.

      Have you changed the spark plugs? What did the old ones look like? Have you adjusted the valves?
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        Carbs likely could benefit from a synch, but there is probably more going on. Please add your bike info (year,CC) to your garage and/or signature. Helps us help you.
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