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Pre98 speedo calculator

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  • Pre98 speedo calculator

    Looking for tires for the cage today I came across a tire size calculator that also shows you the amount your speedometer is off using the new tire size. Example: Pre98 stock front is a 110/80/17, I'm running a 120/60/17. At an indicated 65mph I am actually only running 61.58mph. If I forget what I just learned I just might be able to save myself a speeding ticket

    I called this for a pre 98 since we read off the wheel and 98+ reads off a pickup. Don't know if you guys can read off the back tire size to get your number or not.

    Here is the link for the calculator --> Discount Tire Calculator
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    Great information

    now i just need to forget it
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      if you run a 120/70 the speedo is only off by +.88 mph according to the calculator. the height is so close but width is definitely different. I also did the 180 from 150 comparison and it shows a 2.42 mph gain.
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        Here's my favorite tire size calculator:

        Its table lets you compare "nearby" changes in width or aspect ratio. It can't tell you which brands of shoes tend to run wider or narrower than spec though.