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installing GSXR cams In a Katana

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  • installing GSXR cams In a Katana

    Degrees of Difficulty

    * Easy,suitable for
    novice with little

    ** Fairly easy, suitable
    for beginner with
    some experience

    *** Fairly difficult,
    suitable for competent
    DIY mechanic

    **** Difficult, suitable for
    experienced DIY

    ***** Very Difficult,
    suitable for expert DIY
    or professional

    Degree of Difficulty - **

    Suzuki Katana 600 92-97 - GSXR 750 91-92
    Suzuki Katana 600 88-91, 98+ - GSXR 750 88-90 (86-87 can be used, but the lobes have a smaller lift duration)
    Suzuki Katana 750 (all years) - GSXR 750 88-90 (86-87 can be used, but the lobes have a smaller lift duration)

    With the valve cover off looking at the cams it's easy. There are 5 cam caps on each side a total of 10.

    The cam caps go as follows:

    Take the 2 timing sprocket bolts out of each timing sprocket total of 4; Put you stock timing sprockets on the GSXR cams.
    It is VERY important that you put the timing sprockets on the GSXR cams the same way they went on the Katana cams, it is also very important to use loctite on those bolts. Use the notch at the end of each cam and the number mark on the sprockets to position the sprockets correctly.

    6 - 8.5 ft-lbs torque spec on the cam cap bolts, there are 2 in each cap a total of 20.

    Take the cam caps off put the IN and EX GSXR cams were the EX and IN Katana cams went.

    Slide the GSXR cams under the cam chain, position the cams correctly, tighten the cam caps to the torque specs, and set the timing to OEM Katana specs.

    If you notice on the lobe height sheet, the Katana 1100 IN and EX cams are the same as the 88-89 GSXR 750 IN cam and 1988 GSXR 750 EX cam.
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    Have you installed GSXR cams in a 98+ 750 Kat? Did you do dyno runs before and after?
    Just want to know what the real gains are, everyone seems to just be excited by the change but can't give real proof of anything.


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      no, did GSXR cams in a 1 off engine combo, the head is a 98+ 600. Haven't done a Dyno run yet.


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        Do you know the difference in duration and lift between the Kat and GSXR cams throughout? What about the springs, will they work or do they need to be switched as well?
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        71 CB175


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          Stock valve springs will be fine.
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