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    Not sure what category to post this under but here it is. Has any one put a trailer hitch on their Katana? I have been looking and searching the net but nothing for a 2005 Katana 750, lots out there for other sport touring bikes. Any info and photos would be great. I enjoy long over night rides and just switched from curser to sport touring and like to continue using one of my trailers, I am not a big fan of bungee cords. Before the "did you" questions, yes I bought a large tank bag, and saddle bags but it is the tent, sleeping bag and chair that gives me the head ach.

    Thanks in advance and safe riding.

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    Might have to custom a hitch. I'd contact a MC hitch co.
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      Not sure if it was custom or not, but I did see a Katana with a hitch pulling a 14' aluminum boat on the weekend.
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        I actually have a trailer hitch for my 01 Kat that I purchased from someone on here. I haven't installed it yet but it does look like it was slightly modified to make it fit. I'll have to take some pictures of it for you when I get a chance. I had hopped to use it for pulling a trailer one day. I love motorcycle camping and have a nice set of bags and a tank bag on my bike