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    I mentioned earlier before that I was not too far away.

    My garage is fully stocked is A LOT of parts. If you wanna drop by with the bike, we can probably work out most options to repair at low cost. Jus sayn.

    93 750 Kat

    Modified Swingarm, 5.5 GSXR Rear with 180/55 and 520 Chain, 750 to 600 Tail conversion, more to come. Long Term Project build thread

    "I've done this a thousand times before. What could possibly go wron.... Ooops!"


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      Are you in NC I'm not sure I wanna run it that far an cause damage to the motor. My local shops priced me $200-$300 to jet and sync all 4 carbs


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        Originally posted by Ratbike92 View Post
        Are you in NC I'm not sure I wanna run it that far an cause damage to the motor. My local shops priced me $200-$300 to jet and sync all 4 carbs
        Thats a awesome price ! Get it done, but only after you replace your exhaust ! Remember, baby steps.
        EDIT: Look back to kreylyns reply, he said he has lots of part... may have a 750 exhaust. Ask him.
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        My Katana-1100 17" wheel swap


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          This has been a great read for me as I have a "new" 89 750 getting
          ressurrected from hibernation sickness. Had some poppity-pop on decel
          and found two loose head to pipe nuts. That fixed 90% of the problem
          and Seafoam soaking the carbs did the rest. (there was brown liquid
          pouring out of the float bowls first two cleanings and even longer flushing
          out the petcock.

          I did my homework here pulling an all nighter before buying my Craigslist Katana.
          Discovered that it's an extremely well built and overlooked bike by the sport crowd
          as it's made of steel and not cutting edge. PERFECT!!! I want a fast and reliable
          sport tourer and that's what I got for $1650 and 7800 miles on the odometer!!
          Two tires, some rubber hoses, fluids changed, coupla brake pads, and I have a new
          28 year old bike barely off the break-in!! Vroom, baby. After three dual sports,
          two Harleys, a Nighthawk, and a 'Wing, this bike is stoopid fast and the bucket seat
          needs no upgrade. I'm hoping that with 120,000+ lifetime m/c miles just maybe
          I can outride some of the kids on their CBR's n' such with my old self on an old bike.

          Being a tinkerer has saved me thousands over the years. Learn the machine
          and trust yourself to do the job right. There's youtube, shop manuals, and
          of course sites like this where we help each other make the most of our rides.

          M/c repair shops are there for the rich/ lazy/ time-hindered, etc.
          +1 on the stock exhaust being the best for our bikes. (and cheapest)