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cleaning headers

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  • cleaning headers

    Ok its me again with another problem....just started putting my Kat back together after a month of cleaning and adding some personal touches but wow the headers look like crap. The frame has been waxed and wire harness, hoses and pipes and engine have been cleaned and all looking like new. Please help has anyone cleaned their headers, what can I do to getting them to match the rest of the bike????????????
    Yes I am quite particular about cleaning and I can't ignore them.

    Any advice will be great.

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    Sand them down and paint them with header paint.
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      Originally posted by 92xjunker View Post
      Sand them down and paint them with header paint.
      Thanks for the reply, I guess that's now the plan.


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        i seen someone use bleech, youtube


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          Depends on the condition.

          If stainless.... buff/polish them back up.

          If not stainless and rusted....

          If heavily rusted and pitted, I'd do an electrolysis cleaning on them. Just did that on a set of tractor wheel to remove the layers n layers of rust that had formed on them. You're left with a rust free though may be pitted item, but it's ready to be painted. Hell of a lot easier to get the rust off that way. If it's just light surface rust or other wise smooth part... yeah, sand/wire wheel them clean and paint.

          VHT header or high temp paint works good for a while. It will eventually burn off.

          You can have them ceramic coated at a powder coat place. That looks amazing, makes the exhaust more efficient, and lasts much longer.

          If you don't care how long they last, you can wrap them. If not done right, and most don't... the wrap would help rot out the pipes later on.

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