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  • Rox risers

    So I used the search function and found some posts, but not really the information I was looking for.

    Does anyone know what size Rox risers will work for Post 98 Kat 600? I would like to raise my bars 1-2 inches, but don't want to make permanent modifications to the bike. Also, if anyone has installed the 2 inch riser, did you have to buy new brake or clutch lines or were they long enough to reach?

    As always, thanks for everyone's help.

    P.S. I have been off these forums for 6 years bc I sold my Kat, but I just picked up an 05 600 with 7000 miles for $1800 so I'm back!

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    Welcome back to kat life!
    I'm not positive since I haven't done it yet, but I believe you'll need new lines. I swapped in 750 risers on my 600 (~1" rise) and original length was OK, but not sure if it would accommodate an extra inch. Especially since the Rox Risers can also be angled to put the bars closer to you, that's extra distance too.
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