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  • Rev limiter

    Anyone ever been bold enough to raise it? Or know how? I heard of old school heads changing resistors in cdi boxes to do this, not a Kat. Just curious.....asking for a friend.

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    I wouldn't bother. What are you gunna squeeze out a couple mph at the risk of blowing a motor. I've heard of it also, and on a race bike, that might matter but the kat is far from it. No sense risking the motor when u could. Just sell it and buy an actual sportbike.
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      No I'm not risking it I was simply curious. Always someone trying to be crafty in these groups. I figure at least one person tried it


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        Probably, but on engines that had had a lot of work done. I think with a dyna2000 ignition you can change it. But unless you polish and balance the crank and throw in some light weight con rods (Carrillo or the like) I really wouldn't recommend it.
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          I've thought about doing so, and if I did, I'd go the route of the Dyna 2000 ignition. The reason I've thought about it is that with my post 600, I put in the gsxr cams, and got a steal of a deal on a full Hindle exhaust. Ended up having to change stuff in the intake side of things and use a wideband o2 sensor to get the carbs tuned, which took a long while. With my current setup, with those cams, I've got no drop in power at all before hitting the limiter. My intention would only be so I could carry more rpms through a corner without having to shift mid corner.

          That in itself could likely garner a lot of comments on either side of things. Ultimately, I normally don't ride it like I'm on the track, and don't take the Kat to trackdays anymore, so it's kind of a moot point now.

          I had decided at the time to not bother with it, and my biggest concern was valve springs and valve float. Aside from that, I don't think there's much to worry about as long as the increase in rpms doesn't go any higher than the stock 750's, which I believe is around 2000 rpms higher than the 600's. Any higher than that, and I'd start to worry about other parts.

          That said, I do happen to have 95% of a spare motor laying around, and may eventually take the time to pull the head, port it, put in new valve seals and stiffer springs. But I might just let sleeping dogs lie, cause it runs really well as is. The money would be more exciting spending it on a race prepped sv650.