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Got a new slipon

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  • Got a new slipon

    Well, I haven't posted here in a LONG time! Still have the '06 Katana 750 I bought new and it runs great. I never cared for the exhaust even after cutting the rear baffle out. So I finally replaced it with a Danmoto GP. It sounds great but now the centerstand contacts the rear shock and bangs off it. This can't be good! The stock pipe has a stand with a rubber bumper for it to rest on. How have you guys with aftermarket pipes resolved this?

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    I took off the center stand, saved about 20lb including the new Yoshi pipes
    off the stock 1100. I know what your saying as my stock setup had that bumper for the stand also. 2 options here weld a new bumper on your
    new setup or lose the center stand and get some bike stands.


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      I have a harbor freight welder so i just welded a new bumper for it to rest against...the banging and rattling was becoming a problem...but like was stated above you could just remove the drops alot a weight.