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      Originally posted by 92xjunker View Post
      Generally, it's a waiste of time unless your riding in very hot temps, 100* or more. The engine is designed to take a lot of heat. Use better oil in the hotter months and you'll be fine.
      Not necessarily. The service manager at my local suzuki shop used to be a suzuki tech in Las Vegas in the '90's and said that Katana's there didn't last long due to the heat. Something about stop and go traffic on days where it was 112 that air cooled bikes didn't like. He said the Harley's had it even worse, those LVPD traffic cop bikes have lots of problems.
      I have been in traffic on my 1100 (run redline 10-40) and bike got hot, pulled over let it cool. If temps are above 105, in traffic (which will raise the air around you even more from cars heating it up), bike is spending more time idling than moving, it can be good to give it a break. My bike starts to ping when it is in those conditions and real real hot. Bike is jetted with a 5 degree advancer. I only use premium in the summer.
      As for ethanol, avoid it, just avoid it.In places out west, like CA, it is nearly impossible to avoid. The only place that sells ethanol free gas in my area is 20 minutes away, near a lake, presumably for boaters.
      If you want trouble free driving with E10 gas, then get a FI bike.