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  • racing vinyl decals

    Has anyone seen or done any vinyl mod to their Kat to make it look like a track race bike with vinyl decals i mean... Please post pics if any... I been thinking of buying a bunch of stickers & getting it done.. thanks in advance..

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    Lol a Katana look like a race bike? Gonna take more than some stickers
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    but personaly I dont see a point in a 1000 you can get the same power from a properly tuned 600 with less weight and better handeling.


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      LOL... i know but i like the look and being the Kat is what I got well then might as well make it look like what I


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        No, havn't had that request yet. We are currently doing some vinyl cutouts for the turn signals and headlights for various model bikes to go to the track with to use instead of tape, but havn't been asked about "race" cutouts.

        Generally speaking though, the majority of those would be various brand stickers for the most part. Put enough of those on and it will look like a "sponsored" bike.

        I think most people don't because there are alot of jokes out there about "And don't forget, each sticker adds like 2-3 hp!" in regards to that.

        BUT... on the other hand. I know there are some pics of the Kat 600 that was used to race with by suzuki for about 1-2 years when it first came out. A pre kat "replica" of that would be cool in my book. Let me see if I can find....

        Ah, here is one... from the riding duo Jim Still and Kurt Hall in 1988 and 1989...

        I would imagine that anything post kat is gonna get better response based on some busa race bike designs though... Are there busa race bikes for a track race (not drag)?...

        The biggest reason people scoff at it... in general the Katana isn't a sport bike, it's a sporty touring bike. Putting race stickers on it is like putting race stickers on the soccer mom station wagon... unless it's done right. Then even that could look good.

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          Thank you for the responses fellas.. very much appreciate it... That is what I was looking for.... Most people out here don't know what the heck my bike is... I removed all the vinyl except the word Suzuki and the bottom fairing on the white.. Actually had some young kid ask if it was a busa then he noticed the tail & realized no it aint & asked me... by my answer he didnt seem to know what a Katana was but said it was a "nice bike"

          None the less it was just a thought & I wanted to see what it would look like before I were to commit to something of that nature... Thanks again..