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Install and Review of T-Rex Racing 98+ frame sliders (PICS!)

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  • Install and Review of T-Rex Racing 98+ frame sliders (PICS!)

    Install and Review of T-Rex Racing 98+ frame sliders

    Install Procedure Difficulty: easy to medium
    (can you pull a wheel? you can do this!)

    Item Website:

    Price: $79.95 +Ship

    Tools Needed:

    to remove fairings:
    4/5/6mm hex/allen bits and ratchet with extension to remove fairings
    Stubby Phillips
    Plastic pop rivet removal tool

    to install sliders:
    5/6/8mm hex/allen bits with ratchet and extension
    12mm socket and extension
    Torque wrench
    rubber hammer
    Dremel with grinding bit (MAYBE)

    I was looking up parts on Ebay, and found last week that T-Rex racing had
    started making frame sliders for the 98+ GSXF600/750.

    Since my current Braunstein sliders were...defunct, to say it nicely, I decided
    to order a set from T-rex. They arrived in 4 days, and I found that they were
    amazingly stout, and well made(and cheaper than other makers)

    the plastic sliders themselves have a molded in aluminum insert, and are pretty
    good looking in appearance, with a grooved finish.

    this is the rear of the slider showing the aluminum insert.

    All hardware included is hex socket head and is gold colored cadmium plated
    for corrosion resistance.

    The slider brackets themselves are welded steel, heavy duty, black powder
    coated and bolt on via an aluminum rear frame clamp, AND to the engine
    cradle bolts.

    The Brackets are shaped and machined to fit the frame pretty closely.. we'll find
    out later that this can be a problem with sloppy weld variance from Suzuki
    (or not enough machining from T-rex:d)

    Below is what comes with the kit:
    Left/right frame clamp and brackets
    1 pair 4" sliders
    Hardware necessary for install
    Very clear instructions, with pics.
    1 Trex racing sticker(for you sticker = HP gain folks)

    Now, if you look at the link above, and the pic above, you'll notice that the
    kit I got does not have any white plastic spacers... I think those were just
    for display, i see no place where they would go on the installed item.

    on to the install:

    The installation pics are demonstrated on the right side of the bike, same
    procedure either side

    this pic shows the left and right brackets, and the rear aluminum frame clamp,
    with hardware. note how the brackets are machined to fit the frame closely:

    Step 1 : take off Fairings. if yer not sure how to do this, there is a sticky
    in the FAQ section:

    Step 2 : remove my old Braunstein slider bracket. This required a propane
    torch to heat the loctite. You can obviously see the the massive difference in the
    two kits, from above, and this pic.

    Step 3 : Locate and remove the right side engine cradle bolts. Circled in
    red, using the 12mm socket and ratchet.

    Step 4 : Put bracket on, check fit, and for cradle bolt and bracket alignment,
    this is where the rubber hammer comes in, to help align the bracket without
    marking it.

    NOTE: this is where I found a problem. Suzuki welds were sloppy on the frame
    area, and I had to relieve the inner portion of the bracket to clear the weld, using a
    Dremel with a grinding wheel.
    First use a rubber hammer to find where it interferes (the frame will mark the powder
    coat), and then relieve that portion of the bracket with the Dremel.
    This is easy, and took approximately 3 minutes or so.(I had to repeat the procedure
    on the left side as well, but only lightly.

    below shows the area I had to relieve to clear the sloppy frame weld.

    Step 5 : install replacement 8mm engine cradle bolts and the aluminum rear
    frame bracket clamp.

    tighten 6mm frame clamp bolts to 16ftlbs, and 8mm engine cradle bolts to 20ftlbs

    obviously in the pic below, everything isn't tightened yet.

    Step 6 : install the slider using the 10mm hex socket bolt, tighten to 20Ft/lbs

    step 7 : reinstall fairings

    left side:

    right side:

    Approximate time to install, 1hr 15mins (most of that is fairing removal/install)

    Hope this helps anyone looking into buying these.
    The hardware appears sturdy enough to actually stand on, there's not a hint of
    wiggle or flex on the mounts or the plastic itself.

    I have no idea how they'll hold up in a crash of course, I'm not going to test that, and frankly, I hope I never have to.
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    T-Rex Racing framesliders install and review thread
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    Very nice write up JB!
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      I guess I shoulda washed the mud off the bike tho

      See My Garage for mods...
      T-Rex Racing framesliders install and review thread
      Full Post 98 LED conversion how to thread


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        Looks good JB, I'll definitely consider these for my Kat
        2002 GSXF 750


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          Nice write up thanks. Great looking product. Wish they made some for the Pre's.
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            Looks good.
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              wow I really like the price of these. Thanks for the write up on this. for that price it seems like a pretty easy buy since I have all the plastics off and getting ready to paint this summer. Looks really good too!


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                Good write up Jay.
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                  they look very good
                  2004 katana 750


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                    nice! i need some
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                      The discussion that was previously included in this thread has been moved:

                      This thread is merely an installation and review of one product.

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                        thanks Steve!

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                        T-Rex Racing framesliders install and review thread
                        Full Post 98 LED conversion how to thread


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                          1 month update:

                          All slider parts remain tight and intact on the bike.

                          note: the slider bracket was marking the INSIDE of the fairings on the bottom portion.. added a small foam pad to prevent further wear.

                          thats it

                          See My Garage for mods...
                          T-Rex Racing framesliders install and review thread
                          Full Post 98 LED conversion how to thread


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                            Awesome write up bro ! It was just what i needed for my 06'! Thank you


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                              Thanks very much for the information about these frame sliders and the installation advice! I have just put a pair on my 2005 Katana and they are great. All of your suggestions were right-on (even the remove of material on the right side). I'd been wanting to get a Dremel tool anyway and this was a good excuse. T-Rex makes a great product here - I purchased a set from another source 2-years ago and they were just no good! One-million thanks. John J.