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Full LED lighting conversion (aside from headlights)...

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    Your first link are the exact ones I'm using in mine. They make a huge difference compare to the stock bulbs. Make sure you do t get any colors but white lol. I got white and blue but the blue makes it to hard to see the needle and readings. White works best.

    I have 3 of the blue ones that you want for your speedo tach and fuel. If u want ill sell them cheaper than ull get from them. The blue u can see and it's a nice blue just harder to see than the white.

    Let me know what you want to do.
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    1990 TURBO Kat 600 G15 hidden turbo 12psi
    fender eliminator w/led integrated tail light
    55w dual HID bixenon projector w/halo, blue lighting
    R6 shock, Custom billet mirrors, oil temp/boost gauges
    Post rim swap 170/120 tires, EBC pads/rotors, G&J lines