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Will this Scorpion slip on fit my bike?

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  • Will this Scorpion slip on fit my bike?

    Hi guys this is my first post and I could use a little help on on the Scorpion slip on exhaust. We just got the bike today. Its a 2005 600cc Katana that has only 1400 miles. Got her for $3500 cash and looks as if it just came off the showroom floor. I will post a proper intro later but right now I needed some quick help because I found a good deal local on this exhaust and I want to get it before its gone but Im not sure it will fit.
    Anyway its Scorpion part # SI64SSO. I have 2 links and one says it will fit 98-05 and the other says it will fit 97-04 so I am confused?? Heres the first -
    Scorpion Stainless Steel Oval Canister SUZ #SI64SSO $333.95 Mfg. #: ESI64SSO Our #: M 49218 Vendor #: 1811-0675 FITS MODEL: GSX750F Katana 98-05; TAILPIPE/MUFFLER/END CAP TYPE: Stainless/stainless/stainless; oval

    And the scorpion web page is here. It says 97-04 -

    So can you guys tell me if this exhaust will fit my 2005 Katana 600? Thanks alot!

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    yes it fits fine... they SHOULD have said 1998-2006, but the epa and their stupid regulations in 05 and 06 made it illegal for them to list them as fitting aftermarket parts... (Your stock can has a catalytic converter in it)

    but yeah 100% sure it fits. Enjoy. And parts 411 has it for 250 w/ free shipping
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      Wow man thanks for the quick reply and the link. I know someone selling one for $175 still new in the box so I'll go ahead and get it. I appreciate it.
      Ive done alot of modding on cars (have a 69 Chevelle, 70 Monte Carlo, and 93 Trans Am LT1) but this will be my first time modding a bike. Looks easy enough to install though. Thanks.


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        no prob