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Do i need to jet, with a slip on pipe?

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  • Do i need to jet, with a slip on pipe?

    Hey, ive got an 04 kat, with 8500km on it. I just took it into get a safety and had my D&D pipe on. The mechanic asked when i was going to jet the carbs. I told him i wasn't really planning on it and he told me ill probably fry my rings if i dont. I had no idea you were supposed to jet the carbs on a 4 stroke, and have heard a few things from a few different people. The safety was done at a garage and the guy use ride bikes, but only safetys them, and doesnt work on them. I put the stock pipe back on for now, but should i worry about jetting the carbs before i put the pipe back on? Thanks alot.

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    Is that all you have? Just the pipe? if it is you're fine with the stock jets.
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      yep that is all i have, thanks.
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        You would only need to jet if you change the headers by...

        A. Grinding out the welds
        B. Replaced with aftermarket higher flow headers

        The can alone has little affect on your need to jet.

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