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  • exhaust help

    hi i have a 4 into 1 vance and hines system. it was a bit corny sounding so i removed the insulation but left the tube with like a million holes in there. it sounds awesome now but im having a huge problem. it is getting super hot. the pipe is really hot and i can feel heat on the tank. i still have the insulation piece i removed. but is sounding really nice right now. i just wanna know am i hurting my engine by doind this or is this ok?

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    Removing the packing from the exhaust can shouldn't cause any issues for the engine...

    Your neighbors on the other hand...

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      ok thanks, i have read other posting saying it wouldnt harm it but i just wanted to make sure because im feeling alot of heat. alot of heat. is that normal?


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        removing the insulation shouldn't affect your engine. it's getting hot because of the lack of insulation. imagine taking all the insulation out of your attick and walls in your house... ya - that's what it does.
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