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new exhaust needed

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  • new exhaust needed

    so I went down the other week (I'm just fine) and my exhaust has bent in at the joint between the small tubing and large tubing (don't know much about exhaust systems). I did a quick search for my question, but came up empty.

    I am wondering if anyone knows about where I can find an exhaust that fits the kat without need of the stock pipes (which as I understand is what slip-ons need). I am currently still trying to bend the stock back to shape to make that work. But thinking of upgrading. I found the stock exhaust on bikebandit for about $600, so would want it to be cheaper then that.

    Thanks a lot!

    Bike: 2000 Kat 750, stock everything pretty much.
    2000 Suzuki GSX750 Katana

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    If you searched for anything even remotely close to exhaust and came up with nothing you definitely did not search correctly.

    Check the for sale section.
    Let's go riding!


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      We have a 'For Sale' section???
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        Katanas for sale

        Parts, gear, accessories for sale

        General motorcycle for sale
        Let's go riding!


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            You've got everything.

            Except the right colored fairing for my bike.
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              ive got a stock exhaust, but if youd pay $600 for one youd be crazy. You can get decent aftermarket for 300


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                after a couple of hours I me and my dad were able to bend it back to normal, so fortunately, thats some $$ I don't have to fork out...

                and my exact search term was "non slip-on exhaust" I was hoping that I would come up with something like "I found this great exhaust that takes place of my regular exhaust! no more need for slip-ons!" or something.....thats why I said I didn't find any info.

                I've seen slip-on exhaust for 300, but not any non slip-ons....thats what I was hoping to find.

                And I did search the "for sale" section after I posted since I was interested in buying a new after market exhaust IF I couldn't fix mine.

                Just thought I would make some things clear, I hope I didn't sound offensive in my response

                Thanks a lot for all of your posts and your pm's! I do love forums because of how quick peoples responses are! (positive or negative lol)
                2000 Suzuki GSX750 Katana


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                  Originally posted by squiggy View Post
                  You've got everything.

                  Except the right colored fairing for my bike.
                  what color? And what side? Main, lower, or tail? Pre or post?


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                    I think searching for the term "complete exhaust" gets better results for a non slip on option.

                    Still alot of crap to filter through on with that one though...

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