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    I bought my '01 Kat brand new. The first thing I did was put a D&D pipe on it 'because it was the cool thing to do'! Fastforward to 2009... I would like to replace that pipe with something a little less LOUD, without spending more than the bike is worth! Thoughts, Opinions, Insight... anything would be helpful!

    Thanks in advance!!

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    Vance and Hines.
    Let's go riding!


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      Go back stock?....

      Plenty of folks have been offing full stock systems recently pretty cheap.

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        I don't know for sure on a D&D since I have no personal experience with them, but check to see if you can repack it. Or you might be able to modify the innards to be quieter.

        This way you keep and utilize what you already have.
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          I wish I could hear it in person and not a youtube vid. it just doesn't do it justice. all the exhaust vids sound the same to me on youtube. If i could hear it in persons and I liked it, I would consider trading you a vance and hines slip on... Guess I shoud search for someone in the saint louis area with a 600 with a d&d.

          Sorry for my rambling on.
          Is that your bike outside? I ride.... competitively.


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            I'm a big fan on how Two Brothers looks but I don't know if it'll be crazy loud like your D&D. Yoshi makes a decent sounding one it shouldn't be too loud?
            1999 Katana 750


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              Originally posted by Kreylyn View Post
              Go back stock?....

              Plenty of folks have been offing full stock systems recently pretty cheap.

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                I just put a D&D on to replace my carbon fibre Giannelli
                D&D is louder in the low end , sets off my car alarm at idle
                BOTH bark pretty good in the top end

                Why pull the carbon fibre?
                P/O had dropped it on that side , scuffing the leading edge and I got tired of the leak roasting my heal
                I am sure it is fixable but the D&D was installed in about 10 minutes
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