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Any1 Have This Setup..?

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  • Any1 Have This Setup..?

    Found it yesterday...and i found another thread with someone asking about the same exhaust but i figured id ask for myself and get some new responses incase anyone new has installed the thinking about buying it...seems like a pretty good deal...any1 else have it..? If so hows it sound..?...And if i do buy it will i need 2 rejet..?

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    Full exhaust ? Yeah , you'll wanna rejet with that . Sound .... Subjective . I didn't care much for it . Others like it .
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      Same exhuast I have, I got my used on ebay for $125 was the real reason I got it. The sound is okay I gues... Id prefer something a little lower in tone, when you really get on it, it sounds pretty nice, Kinda like a high pitched Supra.

      I had to trim to lower fairings to get the pipes to fit, but nothing extreme.
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