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exhaust redone

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  • exhaust redone

    ok .. so had a m4 carbon exhaust on the bike .. and it seems the rear axle got ahold of it

    before surgery showing where on the other side the hole is

    pic of the hole

    can marked and ready to cut .. used 2" masking tape to keep the carbon fiber from hopefully not splintering then used some electrical to mark the cut line

    couple minutes with the dremel later

    packing cut with garden snips .. steel wool directly on pipe just comes off in small strips

    cutting through the inside pipe .. just took little cuts and severed between holes

    demolition complete

    ready to start its new life
    here is what she sounds like today
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    so many roads so little time

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    good job
    like the shorter looks
    guess I am going to have to open mine up for surgery
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      nice! i did the same thing to my D&D i had on my kat
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        only hard part was expanding that inner tube to take the end cap pipe to slide into it ... needed about a 16th more diameter .. other than that its gravy .. that being said .. if it wasnt damaged, no way i would have just done all this .. forgot pics of the rivet removal and installation .. but that was pretty straight forward
        so many roads so little time


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          My two brothers had the same thing happen in the first 2 weeks..... There were no instructions in the manual to reverse the rear axel bolt after install... Two brothers paid for shipping and repaired it for free.


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            sounds good dude!

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              Sounds Awesome!
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                nicely done